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Our goal through Cure our Campus is to create a movement where both Kids and Community

Commit to protecting our youth from abuse and harassment. The program includes:


  • ON CAMPUS PROGRAMS: WIN offers four on campus programs. Contact us for an information package.

  • THE SAFE DOOR COMMUNITY PROJECT: Your business can support our efforts by becoming a Safe Door Business, a temporary refuge where the victim of bullying can enter
    until they can be safely escorted home.

  • COMMIT TO CURE: Create a movement on your campus by joining our Commit to Cure program where you can purchase a gLocket that represents your life and include the anti-bullying charm. (NOTE: If you are a victim of bullying or if you want to register your school, WIN will gift you a gLocket to start the movement of healing in your area.)



"84% of parent do not talk to their children about dating or bullying violence".

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